We will try to keep the beer list updated throughout the duration of the festival.

Alechemy Secret Citra  5% Golden Ale
Alechemy Starhopper 3.5% Golden Ale 
Alechemy 5ive  Sisters 4.3% Best Bitter 
Alechemy Bad Day at the Office 4.5% Golden Ale
AnTeallach Beinn Dearg Ale 3.8% Bitter
AnTeallach Suilven 4.3% Golden Ale
Arran Blonde  5% Speciality
Arran Dark   4.3% Strong Mild
Ashover Light Rale 3.7% Bitter
Ashover Butts Pale Ale 5.5% Golden Ale
Ayr Brewing Company Rabbies Porter 4.3% Porter
Ayr Brewing Company Leezie Lundie 3.8% Golden Ale
Ayr Brewing Company Burning Gull 5% Strong Bitter
Ayr Brewing Company Maisie's Complicated  5.5% Best Bitter
Black Isle Yellowhammer 4% Golden Ale
Black Isle Porter  4.6% Porter
Black Metal Will-o-the-wisp 6% Strong Ale
Black Metal Yggdrasil  6.6% Strong Ale
Blue Monkey  Marmoset 3.6% Golden Ale
Blue Monkey  BG Sips 4% Golden Ale
Blue Monkey  Infinity  4.6% Golden Ale
Brass Castle Northern Blonde 3.9% Golden Ale
Brass Castle Sunshine  5.7% Golden Ale
Blackjack Farmhouse River 4.8% Speciality
Blackjack You Bet  4% Golden Ale
Broughton  Hopopotamus 3.8% Golden Ale
Broughton  6.2 IPA 6% Strong Bitter
Burning Sky Plateau 3.5% Golden Ale
Burning Sky Aurora  3.6% Golden Ale
Burning Sky Devils Rest IPA 7% Strong Bitter
Bute Brew Co Scalpsie Blonde 3.8% Golden Ale
Bute Brew Co Straad Ass 4.2% Golden Ale
Bute Brew Co Red 4.2% Best Bitter 
Cairngorm  Caillie 3.8% Golden Ale
Cairngorm  Trade Winds 4.3% Speciality
Cairngorm  Black Gold  4.4% Stout
Caledonian  Deuchars IPA 3.8% Golden Ale
Caledonian  Golden XPA 4.3% Golden Ale
Caledonian  First Dawn 3.7% Golden Ale
Castle Rock Screech Owl 5.5% Best Bitter
Castle Rock Sheriff's Tipple 3.4% Bitter
Castle Rock Harvest Pale 3.8% Golden Ale
Cromarty  Atlantic Drift 3.5% Bitter
Cromarty  Red Rocker  5.0% Speciality
Cromarty  Kowabunga 4.6% Golden Ale
Cromarty  Whiteout 4.5% Speciality
Cromarty  Rogue Wave 5.7% Strong Bitter
Cross Borders  Pale 3.8% Golden Ale
Cross Borders  Porter  4.2% Porter
Cross Borders  Heavy 4.1% Best Bitter
Cross Borders  BRAW 5.2% Golden Ale
Copper dragon  Scotts 1816 4.1% Bitter
Downlands  Root Thirteen  3.6% Golden Ale
Downlands  WIPA 6.5% Strong Bitter
Downlands  Black Seven Four 7.4% Strong Old Ale
Drygate  Pale Duke 4% Bitter
Drygate  Seven Peaks 5% Strong Bitter
Drygate  Dark Skies 5% Stout
Drygate  Double Orinoco Breakfast Stout 8.6% Stout
Edinbrew CommRed 4.2% Best Bitter
Edinbrew Red Alert 3.8% Bitter
Eyeball Yellowball Lager 4.9% Speciality
Eyeball Blackball Lager 4.9% Speciality
Fallen Grapevine 5.4% Speciality
Fallen Chew Chew 6% Stout
Fallen Platform C 6.3% Bitter
Five Kingdoms Bright Idea 3.8% Bitter
Five Kingdoms Mid Life Crisis  5% Bitter
Five Kingdoms Dark Storm Stout 6.9% Stout
Fyne Jarl 3.8% Golden Ale
Fyne Hurricane Jack 4.4% Golden Ale
Fyne Sublime Stout  6.8% Stout
Fyne Superior IPA 7.1% Strong Bitter
Fyne Mills and Hills 9.5% Stout
Fyne Hopulence 4.5% Bitter
Fyne  Ragnarök 7.4% Strong Bitter
Fyne Orange A'Peel 3.9% Speciality
Gun Project Babylon Pale Ale  4.6% Golden Ale
Gun Parabellum Milk Stout 4.1% Stout
Gun Base Ejection Smoked Rye 4.7% Speciality
Greyhawk Ruby Raptor  3.9% Bitter
Greyhawk Blonde Obsession  4% Golden Ale
Harveys Sussex XX Mild Ale 3.0% Mild
Harveys IPA 3.5% Bitter
Harveys Sussex Best 4.0% Bitter
Harviestoun  Schiehallion 4.8% Speciality
Harviestoun  Ola Dubh 12  8.0% Old ale
Hawkshead  Iti 3.5% Golden Ale
Hawkshead NZPA 6% Strong Bitter
Hooded Ram Jack the Ram Stout 4.7% Stout
Hooded Ram Pale Rider 4% Best Bitter
Hooded Ram Coco Le Ram Chocolate Mild 3.5% Mild
Hooded Ram Sovereign Ram Single Hop  4.1% Best Bitter
Hybrid Ctrl Alt Del 3.8% Speciality
Hybrid Apex 4.4% Golden Ale 
Hybrid Magic Porridge  4.7% Stout
Ilkley Mary Jane 3.5% Golden Ale
Ilkley  Crossroads IPA 5.4% Strong Bitter
Jaw Brew Drop 4.2% Best Bitter
Jaw Brew Drift 4.6% Golden Ale 
Jaw Brew Surf 4.3% Best Bitter
Jaw Brew Fathom 4% Mild
Jaw Brew Hardtack 2.2% Golden Ale
Jaw Brew Breaker 6.8% Strong Ale
John O' Groats Swelkie 4% Bitter
Kelburn  Goldihops 3.8% Golden Ale
Kelburn  Misty Law 4% Bitter
Kelburn  Pivo Estivo 3.9% Golden Ale
Kelburn  Jaguar 4.5% Golden Ale
Kelburn  Muriel Gem 3.7% Golden Ale 
Kelburn  Dark Moor 4.5% Strong Mild
Kelburn  Cart Blanche 5% Speciality
Kirkby Lonsdale Tiffin Gold 3.6% Blonde
Kirkby Lonsdale Radical Red 4.2% Best Bitter
Kissingate Storyteller  3.5% Golden Ale
Kissingate Chennai 5% Strong Bitter
Kissingate Black Cherry Mild 'En Plus' 7% Speciality
Kissingate Powder Blue 5.5% Porter
Kissingate Sussex 4% Best Bitter
Kissingate Moon 4.5% Best Bitter
Kissingate Metal Cat 5.8% Best Bitter
Kissingate Madarina Red 4.8% Strong Bitter
Kissingate Murder of Crows 10% Speciality
Langham Arapaho 4.9% Golden Ale
Langham Langham Special Draught (LSD) 5.2% Strong Bitter
Lawman  Onyx 4.8% Stout
Lawman  Weatherall IPA 6.4% Strong Bitter
Lawman  Pixel Bandit 4% Bitter
Lerwick Azure 4.3% Golden Ale
Lerwick Lerwick IPA 5% Golden Ale
Loch Lomond Southern Summit 4% Bitter
Loch Lomond Bravehop Dark  6% Speciality
Loch Lomond Out of range 5.9% Best Bitter
Loch Lomond Space Hopper 4% Golden Ale
Loch Lomond Loch Lomond Red 4.2% Best Bitter
Loch Lomond Silkie Stout 5% Stout
Magic Rock Ring Master 3.9% Golden Ale 
Magic Rock High wire 5.5% Strong Bitter
Magpie Hoppily Ever After 3.8% Bitter
Magpie One For Sorrow  4.8% Stout
Magpie Thieving Rogue  4.5% Golden Ale
Marble  Chocolate Heavy 5.5% Strong Ale
Marble  Lagonda 5% Golden Ale
Mourne Mountains  East Coast  5.5% Best Bitter
Mourne Mountains  Mourne Gold 4% Golden Ale
O Brother Brewing Joe 6.1% Porter
O Brother Brewing The Preacher 4.6% Best Bitter
Offbeat Bohemian Antipodean Pale 4.3% Golden Ale
Offbeat Sideways Sorachi Wheat 4.5% Speciality
Offbeat Out of the Ordinary Stout  6.5% Stout
Offbeat Stripy star 4.3% Golden Ale
Orkney Dark Island 4.6% Strong Mild
Orkney Raven 3.8% Bitter
Orkney Atlas Latitude 3.6% Speciality
Orkney Wayfarer 4.4% Speciality
Orkney  Red Mc Gregor 4% Bitter
Pokertree Red Earl 5.5% Strong Bitter
Pokertree Ghrian 6.5% Golden Ale
Rascals Big Hop Red 5% Best Bitter
Rat Black Rat 4.5% Porter
Rat All Rat Jazz 4% Golden Ale
Rat Ratella 4.3% Porter
Rat Siberian Hamster 3.7% Bitter
Salamander Mud Puppy 4.2% Best Bitter
Shilling Glasgow Red 4.4% Best Bitter
Shilling Black Star Teleporter 4.2% Porter
Shilling Unicorn IPA 5.2% Best Bitter
Siren Craft Brew Half Mast QIPA 2.8% Bitter
Siren Craft Brew Liquid Mistress 5.8% Strong Bitter
Siren Craft Brew Broken Dream Breakfast Stout 6% Stout
Stewart 80/- 4.4% Strong Mild
Stewart Crossfire 4.3% Golden Ale
Strathaven  Clydesdale  3.8% Golden Ale
Strathaven  Duchess Anne 3.9% Speciality
Strathaven  Ebony 4.4% Stout
Swannay Island Hopping 3.9% Golden Ale
Swannay Orkney Best 3.6% Golden Ale
Swannay Scapa Bere  4.2% Speciality
Swannay  Summer Breeze 3.2% Bitter
Tempest Armadillo  3.8% Bitter
Tempest Long White Cloud 5.6% Golden Ale
Tempest Brave New World 7.0% Strong Bitter
Theakston Lightfoot 4.1% Golden Ale
Theakston Old Peculier  5.6% Old Ale
Theakston Best Bitter  3.8% Bitter
Theakston XB 4.5% Best Bitter
Theakston Black Bull Bitter 3.9% Bitter
Timothy Taylor  Boltmaker  4% Bitter
Timothy Taylor  Knowle Spring Blonde 4.2% Golden Ale
Tiny Rebel Cereal Killer 3% Golden Ale
Tiny Rebel Bo'Ho Lager 5% Speciality
Tiny Rebel Beat Box 4.5% Best Bitter
Topout Pale Ale 3.6% Golden Ale
Topout Altbier 4.5% Speciality
Topout Smoked 5.6% Porter
Track Sonoma 3.8% Golden Ale
Track Toba 5.6% Stout
Track Santa Muerte 9% Speciality
Tryst East Kent Goldings 3.6% Golden Ale
Tryst  APA 4.2% Golden Ale
Tryst Double Chocolate Porter 4.4% Porter
Tryst Pils 4.5% Speciality
Tyne Bank Motueka Dollar  4.5% Golden Ale
Tyne Bank Monument Bitter 4.1% Best Bitter
Up Front Ahab 6% Stout
Up Front  Ishmael 6% Best Bitter
Vocation  Bread & Butter 3.9% Golden Ale
Vocation  Pride & Joy 5.3% Strong Bitter
Vocation  Life & Death 6.5% Barley Wine
Weird Beard Mariana Trench 5.3% Golden Ale
Weird Beard Black Perle 3.8% Speciality
Whitewater Maggies Leap 4.7% Strong Bitter
Whitewater Ewe Rebel 7% Strong Bitter
Whitewater Hopplehammer 6% Best Bitter
Williams Bros Midnight Sun 5.5% Speciality
Williams Bros Juniper Tree 3.7% Speciality
Williams Bros Williams Black 5% Strong Mild
Windswept Blonde  4% Golden Ale
Windswept Wolf 6% Old Ale
Windswept Typhoon  6.2% Old Ale

General Info

Opening Hours

Wednesday 19th: 17:00 to 23:00
Thursday 20th: 12:00 to 23:00
Friday 21st: 12:00 to Midnight
Saturday 22nd: 12:00 to 22:00


Tickets: £6 (£4 to CAMRA members) per session

Available on the door only. Ticket price includes festival glass.

(free re-entry to subsequent sessions with festival glass)